Creative Learning 3-11 and how we Document it focuses on the how, what and why of creative learning. The desirability of creativity in learning is being emphasised more and more in Europe, the West and the East. Creative learning derives its uniqueness from certain enabling conditions. Defining and documenting it is slippery and problematic, but has to be done if we are to develop creativity meaningfully in schools.

This book seeks to explore new theoretical, practical and methodological directions for engaging with it. It offers: 

  • evidence-based research by researchers and practitioners in the UK, US, China, South-East Asia, India and Europe
  • case study accounts of practitioner research work with children in a variety of settings
  • theoretical chapters reviewing research methods, theorizing about these processes, synthesising findings and insights, and drawing on themes arising from the case studies

Creative Learning 3-11 is for everyone with an active interest in creativity in education - teachers, students, educational politicians, researchers, inspectors and advisors, trainers, policy developers, an educationally interested public, opinion formers and parents. It will be an essential reader on teacher education courses at all levels and will provide critical support material for schools seeking to develop creative ways of learning and teaching.


Anna Craft is Professor of Education at the Universoity of Exeter and at the Open University, and is founding co-editor of the Journal of Thinking Skills and Creativity. Teresa Cremin is Professor of Education (Literacy) at the Open University. Pamela Burnard is Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Education at the University of Cambridge. Together the editors coordinate the British Educational Research Association Special Interest Group on Creativity in Education.

Creative Learning 3-11 and how we Document it

  • Edited by Anna Craft, Teresa Cremin and Pamela Burnard

    Published by Institute of Education Press 2008 

    ISBN: 9781858564104


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