How to Teach Story Writing at Key Stage 1 is a practical manual for teachers, to be used directly in the classroom. It demonstrates practical ways of teaching story writing in a dynamic, creative and imaginative way, related to the Key Stage 1 National Literacy Framework. The book presents a series of creative story workshops, based on the writer's own experience both as a teacher and poet running workshops in schools. These focus on the central idea of the three 'I's:


  • imitation: listening, joining in and getting to know stories well; beginning to internalise story structures and sentence patterns
  • innovation: taking a story you know well and using it as a basic structure by changing it; borrowing and adapting story structures and sentence patterns
  • invention: making up your own stories, calling upon a store of known tales; manipulating, adapting, altering and creating story structures and sentence patterns


The workshops show how you can grow the roots of the story writing through storytelling and reading, and demonstrate the importance of learning a few well-known tales. Model stories are provided for storytelling, and there are ideas for drama and role play.


Workshops include:

  • the story of our lives
  • stories that make a circle
  • stories about problems
  • days of the week tales
  • humbug, stuff and nonsense stories
  • quests; repetitive tales
  • wishing stories
  • warning stories
  • cooking the story soup

How to Teach Story Writing at Key Stage 1

  • By Pie Corbett

    Published by David Fulton Publishers

    ISBN: 9781853469169


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