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By Julia Strong

With links to online resources, including over 80 customisable handouts

Published by Open University Press

ISBN: 9780335250196

235 pages



Talk for Writing, developed by Pie Corbett supported by Julia Strong, is a proven approach to teaching writing that is engaging and motivating for students and teachers alike. 

Building on best practice, Talk for Writing in Secondary Schools is a practical guide that takes you step by step through how to establish quality written communication across the secondary curriculum. It can be used as a handbook by a literacy coordinator to lead the approach as well as being a source of practical ideas for each subject area. Every teacher can help students internalise the pattern of language of their subject through focused talk activities related to exemplar text. This enables students to independently generate the sentence patterns and structures that are key to effective communication in any subject. 

Julia Strong puts the experience of the learner at the centre. By establishing some consistent approaches across the curriculum, the learner can see how what they learn in one area can be transferred to support learning in another. The approach progressively builds up students' linguistic competence involving them in co-constructing the next steps they need to take to make progress.


This practical resource offers:


• wide range of examples from all subject areas with a particular focus on science 


• Video of a training session with teachers showing 'Talk for Writing' in action suitable to use on training days to help introduce and embed the approach


• over 80 customisable handouts downloadable online


• customisable Power Point slides to train all staff in the approach 

Thoroughly grounded in the principles of formative assessment, Talk for Writing if systematically applied across the curriculum really can turn secondary students into powerful communicators. Try it, it works!


"This book is a comprehensive manual for raising standards in writing across the secondary curriculum... I highly recommend using this book to make it happen."

Shirley Clarke, Education Consultant


"An exceptionally well-informed and practical guide to how high quality talk can lead to high quality writing." 

Geoff Barton, Headteacher of King Edward VI School, Suffolk

Talk for Writing in Secondary Schools, with online resources